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Guardian's Law

Here at Guardian, your privacy matters.

These are the basic policies on handling your data that will NEVER be changed or removed

We will NEVER sell your private information.

We will only ever process data for discord moderation.

We will always be 100% transparent with what your data is used for, and what we collect.

We will always abide by Discord's Developer Policy regarding data usage and collection.

Legal Mumbo Jumbo

That being said, it's important we layout what data we collect and what we use it for:

Legal definitions of We, Us, and Our.

Any reference to We, Us, and Our in this document refers to Guardian and all connected parties.

We collect a users:

  • Discord ID Number
  • Bans, kicks, timeouts against the user across all servers guardian is in.
  • What guilds the user is in with Guardian

When do we collect this information?

  • When a user sends a message in a guild that Guardian is in.
  • When a user DMs Guardian or interacts with it in anyway using its prefix, discord interaction, or slash command.
  • When a user joins a guild that Guardian is in

Why do we collect this information?

  • To generate a Guardian Trust Score that helps Guardian identify how trustworthy a discord user is.
  • To create a safer, better, and more secure discord.

I don't want Guardian to collect my data

To stop Guardian from collecting your data, you can always do g.privacy stop

WARNING: After deleting your data and stopping data collection, you'll not be able to turn data collection back on.

and Guardian will stop collecting data on you, with the exception of:

  • Your Discord ID
  • A simple boolean value (true or false) saying you've denied Guardian the rights to collect your data.

In order to remember your decision, that data is essential.

(Please note that we will always inform guilds that you chose not to have your data collected in order to provide a trustworthy environment.)

Guardian Trust Scores

A Guardian Trust Score is a score that is based on your overall trustworthy-ness that Guardian has experienced. The score can be based on many things like, ban history, kick history, message frequency in other guilds, account age (since creation), how long the user has been exposed to Guardian, and many more.

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